Nick Kara is Back

Nick Kara, a long time trainer at Malvern Martial Arts is back where he belongs and is running personal training session and group classes with us.

Hes recently got back from Thailand where he was training fighters and running classes. Nick has a heap of titles and experience under his belt and is available for personal training in Boxing and Kickboxing.

To book a session with Nick give him a call on : 0400 645 677



More brain injuries caused by sparring than real fights
Posted on 2016/03/01 00:03

BOXERS are more at risk of brain damage when sparring during training sessions than in actual fights, according to a research and opinion paper prepared by a Melbourne doctor with vast experience in the controversial sport.

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Boxing and brain damage
Posted on 2016/01/19 03:01

Listen to Doctor Peter Lewis on "All Night Appetite with Scott Cooney - 8th January" making a case on boxing and brain injuries.

Will Tomlinson Live on Free TV!
Posted on 2015/11/17 09:11

Dr Lewis and Will Tomlinson are getting ready for Will's big fight which will be shown live on Chanel 9 this Friday. This is the first live boxing event on a major free to air TV Channel in Australia in 25 years. Be sure to tune in and watch the big occasion!

Exercise vs Diet
Posted on 2015/11/17 09:11

Exercise enthusiasts cannot work off the ill effects of an unhealthy diet, say the authors of an editorial published online April 22 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

"Let us bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity," the authors write. "You cannot outrun a bad diet." read the full article here

Dopes on party drugs, curse of ring
Posted on 2015/11/17 09:11

FOR years, fight doctor Peter Lewis has watched Australian boxers step into the ring under the grip of illegal stimulants.

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Money talks loudest in Victoria's mixed martial arts debate.
Posted on 2015/11/17 09:11

Dr Peter Lewis, chairman of the Australasian Ringside Medical Association (and the presiding doctor for most boxing and kickboxing fights in Victoria), sees the ban in a different light. He explained that the growing size of fighters, paired with more advanced wrestling moves, has increased the number of men being flung from boxing rings. "We have had events where fighters have gone over the top rope and landed on their necks and heads and required hospitalisation," he says. "Of all the serious trauma I've seen, half has been due to going over the top rope."

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