What is JUDO
Posted on 2015/10/31

Judo literally translated means 'the way of softness and flexibility' and is practiced in hundreds of countries all over the world today. People train in JUDO for health, fitness, self-confidence and self esteem.

The main objective of Judo is to throw your opponent. This is achieved through precise execution of various gripping,control and movements using your opponents weight, momentum, throwing techniques utilizing physics over strength.

Judo is also a defensive art where we learn how to protect ourselves from being thrown and learn how to throw in a manner which does not harm our opponent.

Instructor Nao is a 4th Dan Judo practitioner of 23 years from Japan, holding several national medals. He has trained with Olympic medalists such as Masato Uchishiba, Keiji Suzuki and Satoshi Ishii. Nao has a bachelors degree in physical education, majoring in Judo from one of Japan's prestigious Judo universities. Nao has taught Judo in Japan, USA and Australia for the past 8 years.

Nao specializes in modern Japanese style Judo and focuses on " softness" and places emphasis on correct technique.

Nao's Judo class accepts students of all levels from beginners to advanced including competitors. Judo uniforms are available to borrow free of charge. There are various classes including senior class, kids class from 3 yrs and Nao is also available for private training sessions.