Hyperbaric Chamber



Oxygen is vital for all the body's essential functions, so these functions are at risk when your body becomes hypoxic (oxygen deficient).  Mild oxygen chambers such as ours are pressurised to allow someone to experience atmospheric pressures greater than normal.  This increased barometric pressure makes the air denser, providing more oxygen molecules per unit to both your red blood cells and blood plasma.



This therapy takes place inside an inflatable chamber.  As the chamber inflates, you may experience a mild sensation in your ears, similar to flying.  Once the chamber is at full pressure your ears will equalize, and you can relax and enjoy yourself.  It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing in the chamber.  After treatment, you may carry on with your day as per normal.



Many benefits have been reported by our clients including, but not limited to: 

  • Accelerating soft tissue injury recovery
  • Enhancing wound healing or skin conditions
  • Help regulate sleep/wake cycles
  • Assist with a heavy training or athletic schedule
  • Assist with fatigue, stress and depression
  • Anti-aging


Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is completely safe, as it uses filtered ambient air there is no risk of oxygen toxicity.  Also no dangerous side effects have been reported as result of using the hyperbaric chamber.  We have a safety buzzer inside the chamber that can be activated to alert staff if you wish.  We recommend delaying your appointment if you're suffering from any of: ear canal problems, ear infection, glaucoma, flu or cold symptoms.